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Cocktail Strainers & Shakers

Everything from cocktail shakers to cocktail strainers can be found right here in the product line under cocktail strainer. The traditional handheld cocktail strainers that most people are familiar with are still very popular at bars, clubs and restaurants. They are stainless steel and easily fit into the cocktail shaker where it strains out anything other than beverage from the shaker to the cocktail glass. Ingenious little tool. Amongst the cocktail strainers, we also carry a wide range of cocktail shakers. Spill-Stop manufactured some great cocktail shaker sets to include a shaker, strainer and jigger all inclusive. Some of their sets are all stainless steel and some are stainless steel with a black vinyl coating. Our cocktail shakers come in different sizes to accommodate different needs. Our 8 Oz to 30 Oz our cocktail strainers come ready to serve you.

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