Restaurant Taxes You Should Know About

Restaurant tax calculations may leave you feeling confused, but by hiring an accountant or staying organized on your own, you can stay on top of them.We probably all complain about having to pay taxes. That cut in income can be hard to part with, and the paperwork and calculations can be daunting. The time spent trying to understand how to add it all up is usually grudgingly spent. Like individuals, small businesses, and restaurants specifically, have to pay a variety of taxes as well. Staying organized with the business accounting and on top of the income and outcome numbers can make mangers’ and owners’ lives easier and prevent unpleasant surprises when it comes time to pay taxes.

In 2015, the projected restaurant sales are $709.2 billion, according to the National Restaurant association. This number shows how huge the industry is and how much money is poured into it. However, this number unfortunately doesn’t reflect the potential restaurant profits. It doesn’t take into account food costs, other expenses, wages, and, of course, taxes. Defaulting on accounting organization can have damaging effects (…Read More…)

Restaurant Manager Tools: Restaurant Reservation Software

Open Table Online ReservationsOnline Restaurant Reservations

When it comes to 21st century restaurant management, online restaurant reservations are the way to go. The Internet is the first place people look for anything these days – a product, a special deal, or a place to dine out. Of course, it is best to access all the info from one source – one place where people can learn all about your restaurant, menu, and reviews.

To capture potential diners and increase those all-important online restaurant reservations, you need to expand your online presence. You can send out mailings and other marketing gimmicks through your website, but how many people actually pay attention to that stuff? Furthermore, customer testimonials are limited to people who are looking at your site.

You can and should list your restaurant on the usual sites, such as YELP, YAHOO, and MENUPAGES, however they are used primarily for customer reviews. You need to distinguish yourself from your competitors as much as possible. Enter! (…Read More…)