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29 Nov

Open Table Online ReservationsOnline Restaurant Reservations

When it comes to 21st century restaurant management, online restaurant reservations are the way to go. The Internet is the first place people look for anything these days – a product, a special deal, or a place to dine out. Of course, it is best to access all the info from one source – one place where people can learn all about your restaurant, menu, and reviews.

To capture potential diners and increase those all-important online restaurant reservations, you need to expand your online presence. You can send out mailings and other marketing gimmicks through your website, but how many people actually pay attention to that stuff? Furthermore, customer testimonials are limited to people who are looking at your site.

You can and should list your restaurant on the usual sites, such as YELP, YAHOO, and MENUPAGES, however they are used primarily for customer reviews. You need to distinguish yourself from your competitors as much as possible. Enter! is a website that offers real-time reservation and table management help which benefits the restaurant and the diner and results in better customer service – a win-win for all.

OpenTable Restaurant Reservation Software

OpenTable allows diners to:

  • Book Reservations 24/7 – No longer limited to making reservations during store hours, customers can book at 9 a.m. and not worry about it for the rest of the day.
  • Enjoy VIP Service – Restaurant reservations booked through OpenTable take precedence over any phone bookings. This gives customers peace of mind knowing they won’t get bumped!
  • Rewards Programs –Customers can earn points by booking and dining in restaurants registered on OpenTable. These points can later be used to book other reservations in their database of more than 30,000 restaurants worldwide!
  • Ease of Use – OpenTable is very user-friendly, offering several ways to search for restaurants. It is also the only such site with an app to download, allowing diners to make reservations on their smartphones, on the go, and at any time, without being tied to their PCs.

More importantly, from the restaurant owner perspective, OpenTable offers full-service management. You can post pictures of your food and menu, allowing you to boost your marketing and reach thousands of people daily. And with restaurant reservations online, your staff has more time to spend on creating a nicer and more effective ambience.

Electronic Reservation Book

OPENTABLE offers an “electronic reservation book,” which eliminates the need for paper reservations and provides the following services:

  • Reservation Management – The heart and soul of the software. It allows restaurant owners and customers to track, change, cancel, and confirm reservations.
  • Guest Management – Customer coming for their first anniversary? Grandpa’s 85th birthday? This part of the system allows restaurants to keep track of special requests from customers and to enhance their experience. The guest management tool also allows you to track and store important information, i.e. where customers like to sit, if they are vegetarian or steak lovers. You can also track birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates, allowing you to target your email mailings.
  • Table Management – This tool helps staff keep track of how many people per party and how to arrange seating and tables.
  • Reports – Print reports to help you analyze important information such as peak hours, sales, and number of customers.
  • Marketing/Promos – OpenTable allows registered restaurants to offer opportunities to earn more points in their rewards program. Use this tool to fill your seats during non-peak hours.
  • Smartphone APP available – Allows your restaurant to be visible anywhere and at any time.

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If you are a restaurant owner or manager, stay on top of the tech game with this advanced restaurant marketing tool. Start using OpenTable online restaurant reservation software today and enjoy the delicious results.

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